History of the noble Morese family

The Morese family originally lived in France, more precisely in Provence until, in 1265, Matteo Morese travelled to the Kingdom of Naples in the court of Charles of Anjou. Initially based in Naples, many members of the family assumed important public offices. In the XV century Matteo’s descendents moved from Naples to Montecorvino Pugliano, a village overlooking the plains of the Piana del Sele, where they lived for about three centuries. In 1494, in the time of Battista Morese, the family was officially recognised as ancient nobility by King Alfonso II of Aragon. In 1694 Geronimo Morese bought the Auteta Estate, still today in the family’s possession as can be seen on the original parchment deed of sale. Then in 1754 his son Gaspare began to breed buffaloes and pedigree mares. Since then the buffalo has always been present on the farm, even in the post-war years when it became associated with extensive farming under private ownership and risked extinction.

Taverna Penta today, under Filippo Morese

In 1995 Alberto Morese opened the Taverna Penta Dairy and once again buffalo mozzarella was produced, as it had been until the 1930s. In 2013 Alberto’s son Filippo, having carried out an extensive restoration of Taverna Penta, opened the yoghurt bar where the buffalo milk is used to produce a wide range of dairy products.