Filippo Morese buffalo breeding

Six hundred buffaloes are bred in modern stalls with access to wide covered spaces and several hectares of grassland for grazing. The buffalo, which are highly selected, are registered in the pedigree database for the buffalo species and hence submitted to the technicians’ functional tests made by the Italian Breeders Association. The breeding technologies are modern and based on de-seasonalized pregnancies, artificial insemination, morphological screening, offspring trials, and DNA screening to verify the ancestry of new heads of cattle. Fodder is grown on the farm and appropriately integrated with cattle feed to ensure the necessary supply of proteins; with the nutritional content established by expert technicians, the fodder is allocated according to the buffalo’s age and lactation cycle.

From Filippo Morese buffalo milk to Taverna Penta Dairy – Yoghurt Bar

The milk produced by Filippo Morese buffaloes is transformed at the Taverna Penta Dairy - Yoghurt Bar into mozzarella, ricotta, smoked mozzarella (provola), primosale, scamorza cheese, yoghurt, puddings and ice creams.